Decisions before buying equipment

Before you buy Nordic ski equipment, there are some decisions that you will need to make. Do you want one set of equipment that will serve as a compromise between all types of Nordic skiing? Do you want to exercise on groomed trails? Do you want to travel through the far back woods? And so forth…

First, you might peruse a set of web pages that were prepared for one of our general membership meetings: Everything that Pete Knows about Buying Skis

Second, you might study the summary that people who know a lot more about it than me wrote up on REI’s summary page:

Third, you might sign up for your first half-hour mini-lesson. This meets in Pete’s garage and features a view of different types of skis and a discussion of what type might be most appropriate for your interests and needs. See the Lesson Sign-up Page. Pete’s garage is in Bellingham, Washington. Or it might be done as a Zoom meeting.

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