Where to Ski

** I did this page a number of years ago. I’m embarrassed at how many links don’t work anymore. I’m working at fixing them, but if a link doesn’t work, blame the web guy and try Google… **

There are three pages on this site that you might peruse for links to other ski areas. This page that you are reading, is fairly old, but lists many ski areas. The link directly below this (If I had three days...) was created more recently and has links to pages that we created with a number of items of information for each of the areas listed. (as in, better than this page). The Area Map listed about 7 lines down has pins for each of most all of these sites that are also linked to the ski area’s website – most are current.

Make sure that you bring the necessary pass for parking!

Area map showing locations [Not complete, but I think it’s pretty cool. Use this map for general locations, not for driving instructions to the parking lots! Each pin should also hold a hyperlink to the ski area’s website.]

Distances are measured from Bellingham.

<50 miles

  • Razor Hone – our basic, ‘go-to’ ski location.
  • White Salmon – higher up the mountain


50 – 100 miles

  • Hollyburn by Cypress Bowl Ski area north of Vancouver (73.9 miles)
  • Sasquatch Mountain Resort in Hemlock Valley. None of us has skied here, but they have major expansion plans. has 5 km of XC trails, N of Abbotsford (68 miles)

100-150 miles

150 – 200 miles

200 – 250 miles

>250 miles