Plethora of Names

To a new skier heading east out of Bellingham, the names one hears may prove confusing. These three are often used as the destination name for a cross-country ski trip up the Mt. Baker Highway.

  • Salmon Ridge SnoPark – the designation of the parking lot and the general area by Washington State Parks
  • Razor Hone – The main trail that leaves the main parking lot and runs for about 5 km along an old Forest Service road. It is the trail that is most likely to be groomed and is suitable for beginners.
  • White Salmon – A trail that leaves a small parking area off of a sharp switchback part way up the mountain. It is higher than Razor Hone and has better snow, but is less likely to be groomed. ┬áBe very careful entering and leaving the parking area.

You might also hear people talking about smaller trails that are part of this area. Check the map or go exploring for more details on the Cougar Loop, Mom’s, Huckleberry, Hannegan Pass Road, Anderson, Galena Rd and more.