Grooming and Conditions

Winter of 2021/2022 Hopes and Expectations: We hope to see Razor Hone Road (the trails starting at the Salmon Ridge Snopark parking lot) groomed twice a week this winter.  Contract work has been done on the Cougar Loop and we are hoping to see regular grooming all the way to the bridge on both sides. If so, that’s going to make a great loop for relatively experienced skiers. White Salmon and Hannegan Pass Roads will only be groomed on an occasional  basis.  Anderson Creek Road is washed out  at milepost 0.9; we may have grooming done to the washout.  We’ll see.

Please send your Nordic ski and snowshoe conditions reports to Pete Tryon at  And if you can get a count on how many cars were in the parking lot, please send that along too.  We use the data to help support grant requests. You might also check the State’s SnoPark page or the Forest Service’s page for more information

Latest news by email? I’ve been getting word from our groomer as he goes out to Salmon Ridge. Do you want to be the first to hear about it? I’m sending out a group email (addresses hidden) whenever I have grooming news that seems worth sharing.  Get the details on this page.

Note: if you do get out there while the groomer is there, please don’t box in his truck/trailer while parking. He needs a lot of space to load up and get out!

Thanks Richard! And let’s leave room for him to get the truck to the potties!

BY THE WAY! DON’T PARK SO THAT THE POTTY-PUMPER TRUCK CAN’T GET TO THE POTTIES! [Not that it was anyone who would be reading this page…] – ALSO – thanks to Richard for coming out weekly to clean the potties for us!

Want to peruse the reports from previous years and figure out patterns? Check out our one page, MultiYear_GroomingRecord_SalmonRidgeSnoPark – or read everything here!



2021-22 Season @ Razor Hone / White Salmon (the Salmon Ridge Snopark)

Nooksack Falls in Flood. Picture courtesy of Magenta Widner and the FS.


White Salmon, Nov 9, 2021

2021-11-21: We drove Razor Hone and Anderson, checking for damage from the last storm. They are in good shape and ready for grooming (but no snow). White Salmon has a good base. Parking is limited, but probably sufficient for current use. The road was clear and almost dry, but predictions are calling for rain mixed with snow. – Pete

2021-11-19: Magenta with the Forest Service has posted her regular Mt. Baker Highway Conditions Update for the week of Friday, November 19, 2021 on the FS page: It has some fascinating video of the local rivers and streams in flood, as well as a number of washouts. A picture of White Salmon shows the start of a good base; that of Razor Hone shows just the last remnants of a little snow. Thanks for the report, Magenta!

2021-11-09: Up to 20 inches of damp snow at White Salmon (10 inches down lower below The Knob, with just a scattered inch or two at Razor Hone). White Salmon parking is plowed, but not completely–two cars wide, without room to park diagonally or turn around. When I arrived in late afternoon the highway was in reasonable shape as far as the lower ski area, dicey after that; when I left at dusk the plows had stopped running and snow was accumulating throughout.  Drive safe! Wax for wet, fresh snow or plan on giant clumps of hard snow adhered firmly to the bottoms of your skis. The current snowpack should survive the next round of warmth and rain, so any skiing amphibians or random waterfowl who read this should enjoy the trails this weekend. – Mark

2021-11-09: It’s stormy up there! Thanks, Lynne, for the pictures!

2021-11-06: Grooming has not started yet (and not expected until late December at the earliest, but snow is falling higher up the mountain and it’s time to think about the upcoming ski season. It’s fair to drive up to Heather Meadows (more info) and try your skis, but remember, it’s winter conditions up there! They expect you to bring chains! Thanks, Becky for the picture.

2020-21 Season @ Razor Hone / White Salmon (Salmon Ridge Snopark)

Main trail near parking lot, 4/6/21

Found: a pair of creepers (one on Mom’s, one on Razor Hone) Contact Pete (see contact info at the top of the page) if they are yours.

2021-05-08: In case anyone is reading and wondering, here is the latest report from White Salmon. Thanks, Mark! “More melt than I’d expected during the weeks of clear weather. Mostly good coverage leaving the parking lot, with just a couple of bare spots and 1-2 feet compacted snow on the trail (made pretty by an inch of fresh from last night). Tiptoeing delicately across the few minor stretches of bare gravel got me almost halfway between the first hairpin and the turnoff to the White Salmon extension, whereupon all snow cover abruptly vanished without a trace.

With an excess of time at my disposal, I also followed the Ridge Road up to the ski area; the steep section at the bottom is melted out (first hundred yards) or un-skiable by me (second hundred yards), but it’s otherwise quite pleasant. Guess it’s time to move all the way up the hill to Heather Meadows for the end of the XC season. With the new snow, fresh base wax will prevent stickage!

One definite plus: no competition at all for parking spots, even on a weekend afternoon.”

2021-04-14: There is still skiing! Mark sent in the following report on Razor Hone and Cougar Loop that he skied yesterday (and as I drove by White Salmon, there was lots of snow there): “I’m not a skate skier, and conditions are such that that’s probably a good thing. There is a very solid base throughout all the trails, with form 1 to 4 inches of recent wet snow on top. That means all the postholing and other rough surfaces only go a few inches deep. Mostly very good coverage, 1 to 2 feet compacted snow on the trails, although a couple of spots on Near Cougar and Razorhone will probably be bare within a day or two. Far Cougar is past its glory days, with quite a bit of bare ground showing (“skiable moss,” mostly). I thought the skiing was mostly quite good–solid bases, nice grippy snow, user-set tracks, no real impediments as long as I stayed on the trails. Conditions ought to last thru the week, but I’m not so sanguine about next week given the warm temps.”

I was planning to wander up the connector trail toward White Salmon, but there were just icy, tree-bombed bits of coverage on the ground when I got there, and it didn’t look like much fun. Next year, maybe.

The bare spots seemed to me a function of microclimates rather than meltwater–there are distinctly colder and warmer spots, and the warmer places seem to be the ones which melt out early. On Far Cougar, for example, the woods next to the trail are equally melted out, whether or not they’re well-drained, and it appears to me that this relates to their aspect with relation to afternoon sun, which has definite strength even through the trees. There are also be warm breezes which follow small-scale landscape contours–these were also very noticeable while skiing. Valleys and ravines, for example, typically channel cold air. I find warm air currents obvious on the ground, but it’s harder to trace their origins.

**** 2021-04-08: “White Salmon had 10 inches of fresh snow. Great skiing as a party of 3 ahead of me laid down a great track. We were the only skiers today. No one went down the Extension. If the forecast snow comes tomorrow, Saturday could be really nice.” – Rick

21-04-6: So it all depends on your point of view… There is still solid snow cover at Salmon Ridge. I skied Razor Hone / Cougar Loop this morning. The upper part of Far Cougar has melted out some where there has been meltwater on the road, but the rest of the trail is in good shape.  Razor Hone has reasonably good diagonal tracks down the side and is smooth enough for an experienced skater. A strong skier (not me) could probably double-pole the whole trail. It was icy at 10:00 – but starting to soften up where it was in the sunshine on my way back.  I’d expect it to be relatively soft by 2:00. There is actually a prediction of a little bit of fresh snow on Friday and Saturday. Next Sunday might be a nice day for a ski!  I didn’t go up to White Salmon, but I’m guessing that it’s pretty nice (icy in the morning, softening in the afternoon…) – Pete

21-04-02:  “I just skated White Salmon to the knob and back. It was still excellent, soft but not mushy. I started at 11 AM. Should still be good tomorrow if it doesn’t snow on it tonight.” – Jim

2021-03-31: one more day! Grooming at white salmon right now. Sunshine! Probably razor home shortly. Posted from the parking lot. I’m off for a ski! – pete

21-03-29: Weather predictions called for snow last night and clear skies today. And the groomer is out on Razor Hone / Cougar as I type.  It should be a beautiful day of skiing today. The last time I was there, Near Cougar was groomed all the way to the bridge. It would make a great skate ski trip out and back! Note that White Salmon is not being groomed and probably has 4-6 inches of fresh snow on it – which combined with today’s sunshine should make a wonderful tour ski out to view Mt. Shuksan (either on the first, level part of the trail, or the Knob, or the end of the SE Extension.) Predictions are also calling for freezing temperatures at night, so I’m guessing that the pattern of crusty, fast snow in the mornings and soft, slow snow in the afternoons will hold for a bit. My understanding is that the snopark grooming contract ends Wednesday, so this may be the last grooming of the season. There is still quite a bit of snow and I will keep posting reports as I get them (and as I go up for a ski!) Enjoy spring skiing! – Pete

2021-03-26b: I skied Razor Hone and Cougar Loop today at 2:00. It was really nice! I skied classical – the corduroy would have been pretty soft for skating. The snow was clean and plenty of it (no rocks showing, no sticks). Far Cougar was groomed half way up. The upper part had some gravel showing because of wet spots on the trail, but it was easy to go by (we need to work on drainage in that section this summer). Near Cougar was groomed all the way to the bridge. The trip down the long downhill of Near Cougar was perfect! Not sure what to expect tomorrow. The predictions say a 30% chance of rain in the afternoon. I’m guessing that it should be pretty nice about 10:00 in the morning for both classical and skate. Then nasty weather on Sunday. Silver Fir had smooth corduroy and would be perfect for someone wanting to try out skate skiing. Others reported that White Salmon was very nice and that a large parking area had been plowed out. – Pete

2021-03-26: Grooming today – at White Salmon right now, then presumable at Razor Hone! Fair warning – the grooming season is winding down. The snopark grooming contract ends on March 31, so this is probably either the last or next to last grooming of spring. But the predictions for today are ‘mostly cloudy’ and there are multiple feet of snow at White Salmon. I expect that skiing at White Salmon is excellent. So now is the time to go ski! When I was up there 3 days ago, the road was excellent and there was plenty of parking. The first mile should be great for beginners (both classical and skate), then the long downhill should be manageable for most skiers and a great workout to come back up!  The SE extension is also a reasonable slope, but might not have classical tracks set. The final hill up to the Knob is a ‘use your own judgment’ hill. As for Razor Hone, I’m guessing that the snow will be soft, but manageable.  And as for Saturday and Sunday – the weather for Saturday doesn’t look too bad, but Sunday actually looks sort of miserable… 🙂 But then they are predicting ‘heavy snow’ for Sunday night and clear weather on Tuesday. So maybe we’ll get one more grooming next week and an awesome day skiing on Tuesday? While the grooming contract ends and the snopark ‘closes’ on April 1, you are welcome to park in the lot and go ski as long as the snow lasts. Maybe another trip down the connector trail? – Pete

2021-03-23: Grooming today. White Salmon and Razor Hone.  Beautiful conditions at White Salmon – 4 inches of fresh snow from yesterday were groomed, so no ice. Corduroy and fresh classical tracks. Enough moisture in the snow that I don’t know what it will be like tomorrow, but I’d aim for around 10 or 11:00. I didn’t ski on Razor Hone. It was soft snow, but it was nicely groomed.  Tomorrow morning might be pretty good – but it might be sort of slow in the afternoon. The road to White Salmon was in good shape and parking was reasonable. – Pete

2021-03-18: Grooming is happening now on White Salmon and presumably will be done at Razor Hone shortly. There is still plenty of snow at both sites, so skiing should be good! Unfortunately, the weather predictions aren’t quite as good for the next few days as they were for the last few. My guess is that skiing will excellent today, then crusty and fast in the mornings and softening up in the afternoons. And the predictions do call for snow on Sunday rather than rain. – Pete

2021-03-17c: Had a great skate ski at Razorhone and Silver Fir today ! Beautiful conditions! Nice and firm all day for skating. Great Razorhone grooming! He has done a great job widening the snow pack on the trail, and leveling it. He did a amazing job covering any thin spots! I enjoyed a nice skating lane. – Ed

2021-03-17b:  8:30 AM 29 degrees and icy. 10:00 AM 40 degrees but still icy. Classic tracks holding up but a little trashed out here and there. – Will

2021-03-17: Good skiing out there! We were out on Razor Hone this morning. Plenty of snow – and fairly icy at 10 AM. But it was starting to soften up by 11:00 and was probably pretty good around noon. At this point, you need to figure out what time of day has the conditions that you want… Good luck! We did not go up to White Salmon, but it is probably not quite so icy. – Pete

2021-03-16: Skate-skied Razor Hone and Silver Fir campground from 11-1 today. Glorious. RH was predictably “firm” but sun-softened in enough sections to provide relaxing breaks. Cougar looked too firm for me on the skates. Campground was perfect spring conditions and untouched corduroy. – Meri-Jo [Silver Fir Campground looks like the time and place for beginning skate skiers to try it out! – Pete]

2021-03-15: Go, Go, Go! The weather for today says partly sunny. The groomer has just completed a trip out to the Knob and the end of the SE Extension at White Salmon and is presumably aimed at Razor Hone right now. It should be beautiful (and it should still be nice tomorrow, but might be a bit icier…). Skate skiers – if you haven’t done it before, this is a great time to go ski White Salmon (and how about sending me a picture of the corduroy (if convenient…)) I’ve done it – but if you are not in shape (me), it’s a *long* ways back up the hill. But if you are, it’s a great workout. It’s about 8.7 km to go out to both the Knob and the end of the Extension and back.  And if someone skis the full Cougar Loop, could you report on whether either of the final legs down to the bridge over Bagley Creek got groomed? I doubt that there is any problem with parking at White Salmon all week. – Pete

2021-03-13: Skate-skied Salmon Ridge from 9:30 AM this morning to noon.
Was not groomed since earlier this week. The skiing was passable although a little on the icy side. Cold temps meant the classic tracks were holding up reasonably well considering no grooming in the past few days. Cougar Loop was icy. My decision to stay on Razor Hone and off icy Cougar Loop may have saved me a trip to the emergency room.  – Will

Looking at my favorite 7-day prediction site, it looks like rain during mid-day tomorrow. So not sure what is going to happen! – Pete

2021-03-12b: I can confirm the grooming at White Salmon all the way to the end of the SE extension and the knob. Just skied it (10am Fri). Because of the cloud cover it didn’t freeze up overnight and conditions were soft and firm in the shade and soft and starting to get just a touch sloppy in the sun. But really nice overall. High clouds still but well above the peaks so great views! – Michael

2021-03-12: Plan your day – and the weekend!  Grooming is happening right now on White Salmon (all the way out to the end of the SE Extension). Then we’ll assume that Razor Hone will be done. The weather prediction for today and tomorrow is ‘mostly sunny’. We were out there yesterday – it was wonderful (although I admit that it was sort-of icy… And Razor Hone didn’t soften up like I suggested – my apologies…) But with fresh grooming, it should be great skiing today and still good tomorrow! The parking area at White Salmon is in good shape – and my car was the only one there when we got there yesterday – and when we left (presumably some others were there in between). Down at Salmon Ridge / Razor Hone, there is still plenty of snow – and the grooming on 3/9 went down Near Cougar, all the way to the bridge over Bagley Cr.  This is the time for skate skiers to get their workout skiing up Near Cougar and get their reward with a view of the creek and a quick trip back down! On another note, we traversed the Salamander Adventure Connector Trail from White Salmon to the Salmon Ridge parking lot yesterday. It’s now available for adventurous sorts – I’ll update its web page this weekend, but you might want to talk to me before attempting it… – Pete

2021-03-09: Grooming at White Salmon right now, presumably at Razor Hone later this morning.  White Salmon should have beautiful skiing. Going out to the second switchback and return is 2.6 miles roundtrip and is suitable for beginners. Going beyond that isn’t too difficult – just remember that any hill that you go down, you’ll have to come back up later. I’m guessing that parking shouldn’t be too bad during the week. If going on the weekend, first come, first served… Plenty of snow and parking down at the Salmon Ridge snopark (Razor Hone). I’m guessing crusty and fast in the morning, soft and more control (and slower) in the afternoon.  The weather looks pretty good – with Thursday being ‘Sunny’. Have fun! – Pete

2021-03-06: Spring skiing conditions now. Into the phase where snow conditions change with temperature and time of day. We went out to ski out to Huckleberry and then snowshoe that. But Razor Hone at 10:00 was ‘fast’ (some might call it ‘icy’, but it would have been awesome skate-skiing). By the time we were going back (down Near Cougar) things had softened up so that it was great skiing down, with comfortable edging.  Then on Razor Hone back to the cars, it was ‘sort-of-soft’. I saw some skate skiers – they were doing well, but ‘getting a workout.’  Classical tracks were good (though my backcountry skis were too wide for them.) So – go early for crusty and fast; go later for softer and more control. – Pete

2021-03-05: White Salmon was groomed to the Knob and to the far end of the SE Extension early this morning! The groomer is on Razor Hone as I type! I’ll update here later this morning if I have anything significant to report as to how far out he went. Weather predictions call for mixed rain and snow showers at Salmon Ridge. White Salmon (higher elevation) should be beautiful! And if you are thinking about adding Huckleberry, we’re hoping to put some fresh snowshoe tracks up it tomorrow (Saturday) morning. (Ski out to it, carrying snowshoes). Also, another source of information: Thanks to Magenta with the Forest Service for a regular report of conditions at many sites along the Mt. Baker Highway published on Facebook –  – Pete

2021-03-04: I’m back in town and looking at my computer and my emails.  It looks like the groomer made it all the way down to the bridge on the Cougar Loop.  Fantastic! And that Wednesday was a beautiful day of skiing! But also that the snow was getting soft and mushy.  We’ll see what the next few days bring. Predictions call for a mix of rain and snow. – Pete

2021-03-01: Grooming is happening this morning – but I’m not sure what you will find when you get there.  It looks like the groomer tried to get up the mountain to White Salmon, but had to turn back before getting there. He definitely went out Razor Hone – but I’m not sure whether he got up Cougar or not. There is reported to be plenty of snow at the moment, but the weather predictions show some rain coming, as well as sunny, warm days. It might be fast skate-skiing in the mornings – or then again, maybe not… 🙂 I’m going to be out of town until Thursday evening and might not get anything more posted until after that. – Pete

2021-02-26: Not quite as much snow as predicted, but several inches of snow on top of the grooming. Beautiful skiing. Highway was in great shape this morning (be prepared – it could change in minutes…) Hannegan was groomed – now would be a good time to go explore it! – Pete

2021-02-25: Grooming is happening this morning at Salmon Ridge. It looks like the groomer also went up the Hannegan Pass road a ways. This is billed as ‘dog-friendly’ – harness up those mutts and get some work out of them!

Not sure what you will find when you get up there. There is a winter storm warning in effect right now and predictions are calling for (depending on how you sum the day, night and next day totals) from 5-18 inches of fresh snow today and tomorrow. It should be beautiful, but you might go prepared for a wide variety of conditions. – Pete

2021-02-24: Still no fresh grooming… For those of you watching the weather, significant amounts of new snow are forecast for tonight and Thursday. I’ll post here as I get information about what is happening. – Pete

2021-02-17: My apologies for not posting sooner. Grooming happened today, but I didn’t find out until I was up at the snopark. It was really nice! Predictions are calling for a bit of snow tomorrow, then quite a bit tomorrow night. And while I’m typing, the trees on Anderson have been cleared to the point that you can get out to the washout without having to take your skis off.  But it is going to be next year before we can get a groomer in there. And crossing the washout is not difficult. – Pete

2021-02-12: Grooming is happening on Razor Hone right now. I’m not up there, but I expect the same as last time: Razor Hone with classical tracks to the end, up Cougar Loop on both sides to the high points, and Silver Fir Campground. I was up there two days ago – there should be plenty of snow cover, cool enough for no melting – it should be excellent skiing and it should hold up through the weekend. (predictions call for a couple of inches of new snow scattered through the next couple of days.) – Pete

2021-02-11: Four snowshoers reported on a trip up the Huckleberry Trail yesterday. Such an amazing snowshoe experience. Not for the faint of heart though. There were no super tough or non-passible spots. There were a few spots we needed to jump over wet areas, or climb a small tree laying down. The marking [blue diamonds] was clear.”  Laura, Thanks for breaking trail and sending in a report! I think I’ll ski out to it tomorrow, carrying snowshoes, and take a look for myself!  Hoks might be an adventurous way, too. = Pete

2021-02-10b: Another report from today:

Wonderful! Fresh snow falling this morning….not enough to obscure the grooming or make the road dangerous.  2 well behaved dogs, snowshoers following the rules. I got up and around Cougar loop clockwise. Snow had covered all but one of the mini creeks from Monday. A super nice couple helped my friend retrieve an errant ski. Thank you man, whoever you were. He went down off the trail and into a culvert. – D

  2021-02-10: A dusting of fresh snow – just enough to keep it from feeling icy. Time to go ski!  And it should still be good for a few more days! – Pete

2021-02-09b: It was as nice as I had hoped. Classical tracks were set on Razor Hone, corduroy went up both sides of Cougar to the high points, the surface was just right for a little edging when coming down Near Cougar giving control all the way. The short stubs down to the bridge on Cougar were not groomed. We went up Far Cougar, one of us walked down to the bridge, then we both skied up to the high point on Near Cougar and had a wonderful slide back down to the parking lot. Skinny classical skis – cool enough for extra blue wax – no fishscales! (Fishscales would be fine – it’s just a real treat to be able to ski on my old classic waxable skis.) The snowshoers were very careful to stay to the very edge of the trail – thanks! The Silver Fir Campground was groomed with corduroy, but no tracks. It’s perfect for beginning skaters. Predictions call for just a little snow over the next few days and temperatures staying below freezing.  It should be some pretty nice skiing! The highway was in great shape today – but that could change in minutes.  – Pete

2021-02-09: Grooming is happening as I type at the Salmon Ridge SnoPark (Presumably Razor Hone, parts of Cougar Loop and maybe Silver Fir Campground.)  A good base was packed down by the groomer last Friday, several inches of snow fell this weekend and with the grooming it should be beautiful! Hoping for classical tracks! Of course if you get there while the groomer is still there, please don’t block either his truck and trailer or his access on and off the trails. (and don’t park next to the potties – the potty truck needs to get close to them to pump them!) Check the weather link – the weather looks pretty good and it looks like this might last for several days. I haven’t seen it yet – but I’ll report this afternoon (retirement is great…) And while I’m typing, check out the meeting page – tonight is our general membership meeting; I’ll be talking about using Avenza Maps with the snopark map.  – Pete

2021-02-06: Not surprisingly, there are a couple of inches of fresh snow on top of the grooming – but it’s a great base! And with more snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow, we’re hoping that with the next grooming we’ll have some excellent skiing. The picture to the left doesn’t show a whole lot, but it’s definitely a nice place to go right now. And if you don’t want to ski down a Forest Service road, try Mom’s.  Guaranteed no trees to climb over, at least until noon today. – Pete

2021-02-05b: Postscript – The Silver Fir Campground was also groomed. A nice place to explore on a low-key day. Stop and look at the river, admire the big trees, and enjoy a day in the snow. – Pete

2021-02-05: Grooming on Razor Hone has happened! Actually, the groomer is out there as I am typing this. He has been up to the top of ‘Near Cougar’ and is doing at least most of Razor Hone. I haven’t seen it – so not sure of the details. I believe the snow is relatively heavy and wet – and given that it’s not too deep, the groomer might not be setting classical tracks yet. Predictions are calling for more snow Saturday and Sunday, then clearing a bit on Monday. Also, thanks to Magenta with the Forest Service for a weekly update on what she has found out the Mt. Baker Highway. Be careful driving out there. – Pete

2021-02-03: Beautiful sunny day and 5 or 6 inches of fresh, fairly dry snow on Razor Hone. Definitely worth a ski if you are ready to go on user-created tracks (and maybe with skis that you are ready to hit a few rocks with…) – Pete

2021-01-31: Because nobody is going to read the introduction and see the link above this – and I think it’s pretty interesting, check out what I did on a rainy Sunday morning: A one page, multiyear record of Salmon Ridge grooming. There is hope for February and March yet! – Pete

Mt Shuksan at the end of the SE extension, skinny skis on 1/29/21

2021-01-29b: So remember those waxable, skinny, semi-racing skis that you didn’t throw away? Today was the day for them! Waxed with extra blue, all the way to the end of the SE extension, all the way to the Knob, then kick-and-glide (very slowly) back up the long hill. No fishscale noise! It was beautiful! The snow was fluffy and light (and then groomed). Classical tracks to the bottom of the main hill, corduroy out to the end of the extension and to the Knob. Soft enough to edge on the way back down. Admittedly, it would have been pretty soft for skating. I saw tracks of one skater that went part way out. And while the tracks were in pretty good shape, there were a fair number of snowshoers and a few walkers on the open skate lane. I don’t think they made much of a difference, but I would have been exhausted skating on the snow. From the predictions, I’m expecting a couple of inches of snow tonight. Probably pretty nice classical tomorrow, but tough skating. The road was in good condition and parking was as good as can be expected (and not too crowded…) Still not enough snow to ski on down the hill at Razor Hone, although nice hiking on the backcountry trails. – Pete

2021-01-29: White Salmon was groomed this morning out to The Knob! The weather prediction for today (Friday) is ‘mostly sunny’. Should be great skiing! A bit of snow is predicted for tonight, but I bet that skiing will still be good through the weekend. (I have not been up there to see this, but this is reported from my ‘eye-in-the-sky’. – Pete

2021-01-27: We went out to Salmon Ridge to clear out some more stuff from the big windstorm. The River Trail is now looking pretty good! But as for snow, there is just enough to cover up some of the gravel on Razor Hone. But skiing is out of the question until we get more snow. – Pete

2021-01-25b: It’s not groomed, but it looks pretty nice! White Salmon has 3″ of fresh snow and beautiful weather. And it looks pretty smooth under that powder. Thanks Laurie for the report. And I know people who are strong enough to skate in that – not me, though!

2021-01-25: A couple of inches of snow at Salmon Ridge!  It looks beautiful – but isn’t anywhere near enough to groom. If you go ski, use old skis and be prepared for hitting a few rocks. -Thanks Mary Beth for the report.

2021-01-19b: Sounds like it was pretty nice yesterday! This report from Joe: Was up there fairly early yesterday AM. [Monday, Jan 18] It was as perfect as it could be… must have been groomed early! We had taken up skis and snowshoes and it was easy to choose skis with the grooming that had occurred. By mid-afternoon… it was a bit thrashed by snowshoers, dogs, etc, but the tracks were still in good shape.

2021-01-19: White Salmon was groomed yesterday!  It should be nice – although I haven’t seen it myself.  Check out the current weather predictions (see 7 day link above this) and go enjoy a nice ski. – Pete

2021-01-15: A friend and I went to White Salmon on 1/15. Packed, hard and unyielding snow without tracks. Enough snow on the main trail. Bare spots going up the knoll and down the side trail. Ski if you must, but I suggest waiting for more snow. – Kveta

2021-01-14: I have not been up the highway since skiing on 1/11. But the report from others is that White Salmon was pretty icy – the rain predicted by the FS evidently came and froze things up pretty well. It sounds like there was space to park, but that it was exceptionally icy! Others reported that the snow (and ice) is completely gone from the lower trails (Razor Hone and Anderson). Another report came from someone who climbed down from the downhill parking lot to the Ridge Road trail and slipped into a hole – to the point of appreciated assistance from someone with a shovel.  Be careful out there! Just a reminder – our trails are in a location where a little change in the weather can make a big change in the trails.  I did ski on a ‘groomed trail’ on the 11th.  It wasn’t bad!  After that, it snowed a little, rained quite a bit, and froze.  Certainly not the same trail that I skied on.  Check the weather and think about what has been going on. And enjoy the day, regardless. Also, there are a whole bunch of trees blown down on the lower trails (as well as one sanican). We are meeting out there this Saturday at 9:00 to do some clearing. Thanks for all the reports! – Lynne, Magenta, Sylvi, Cleo, Nui, Barb, and Pete – oh, and if you want a prediction for the weekend – MOTS (More Of The Same) – I bet there won’t be any snow on the lower trails and White Salmon will be pretty icy.

2021-01-13: What a crazy winter. I would normally not post this, but given the lack of snow so far, this might be of interest. The weather prediction that I normally use (NWS 7-day forecast ) suggests for today a ‘Total daytime snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible.’ for the Salmon Ridge SnoPark (the lower, Razor Hone / Anderson trails). And they also predict ‘Partly sunny’ for tomorrow (Thursday) (and who knows after that…) That’s not going to be enough to groom, but depending on your standards, might be enough to ski out the trail (maybe on your 2nd-string skis). (There was a little ice on the road, which might provide some ‘base’ to the new snow.) I haven’t been up to White Salmon since Monday – I’m predicting (for what it’s worth) that fresh snow has already covered the grooming and that it’s a nice place to ski, but the skate-ski window may have already come and gone… – Pete

Parking at White Salmon

2021-01-11: Yes, grooming did happen at White Salmon. All the way to the Knob and half way down the SE Extension (note to self – we need to work on the drainage on the extension. The groomer stopped where water was running down one rut of the road…) Classical tracks were set as well as a wide, smooth skate lane. Skiing conditions were actually quite good – the snow has a very high moisture content and so was quite ‘solid’, but there was just enough softness for good edging with skate skis. Quite fast. A friend was on classic – good kick-and-glide. As for weather – who knows? We started in rain, then it switched to snow. It was really pretty with the snow starting to stick to the trees. But my FS source says ‘We are expecting rain at 4,000’ today, 4,500’ tonight and 5,500’ tomorrow.’  That’s way higher than White Salmon. Thanks, Rich! Evidently the parking issue is really dependent on time of day, day of week, and weather! I got my spot! And the groomer plowed out a wider space to park – thanks, groomer! As to what you will find in the next several days – I really don’t know. The snowpack should hold up – but the atmospheric river of rain could really mess things up, to say nothing of making for wet skiing. No snow at all down at the Salmon Ridge parking lot. Sheila reports that even a couple of miles up Anderson, there is still only a little ice. – Pete

Skate skis at The Knob. Do you see Mt. Shuksan in the background?

2021-01-10: Breaking news! White Salmon has been groomed! The groomer was able to get out late this afternoon (Sunday, Jan 10) and groomed the White Salmon Trail, including portions of the SE Extension. I do not know if he went up to The Knob or not. This information is from some spotty GPS points – I do not know exactly what was done – I’m guessing that he set classical tracks, but I don’t know that. I will post more tomorrow afternoon after I’ve been skiing on it! Note: this is NOT Razor Hone and Anderson. They are at the main snopark and are still gravel. Note: parking is very limited at White Salmon. See the note in red a little lower on this page (and the separate parking page.) Note: the predictions for the lower trails call for lots of rain in the next few days (that atmospheric river of rain).  That probably will be snow up at White Salmon, but our grooming may be ‘snowed in’ fairly soon! Hope to see you out there. – Pete

Was 4″ underwater

2021-01-09: We were up at Salmon Ridge today working on drainage on the River Trail (snowshoe and backcountry).  No snow in sight in the near future on the lower trails.  White Salmon should still be beautiful (and as we drove out at 8:30 today in a steady stream of cars, my wife joked (I think) ‘Oh, all these people must be trying to get a jump on parking at White Salmon…’) – Pete

2021-01-08: No news means no grooming. If I know of any grooming, I’ll post here (and send out to the email group). But without posts, it means that as far as I know, not much is going on… – Pete

2021-01-07: Only park in the ‘parking area’ at the White Salmon trailhead (where there is room for about 8 cars). It sounds like you could get a ticket or be towed if you park in the chain on/off area across the highway!! Read more on this page. I recommend backing up the hill and pulling in as ‘diagonal parking’ so that you an pull directly out after your ski. More cars can fit than if you try ‘parallel’ parking.

SE Extension – 1/3/21

2021_01_03: Still no grooming – there’s still no snow at Salmon Ridge.  I stopped by, coming home from White Salmon. I was going to say that there was no snow and impossible skiing – when I saw a couple people coming off the trail with skis on. My standards are pretty low – but skiing on one inch of slushy snow just doesn’t cut it! Congratulations to the couple for making it work! But White Salmon was wonderful! Maybe 8″ of fluffy powder (on top of boilerplate, but that didn’t matter). We broke trail down the left, the snowshoers broke trail down the right. With 6 skiers going down, we had a great trail going back up! The picture is at the overlook at the bottom of the SE Extension.  But no views of Mt. Shuksan today! We carried snowshoes to start down the connector trail, but we were low enough in elevation that there wasn’t much snow and we just walked. There is a big storm coming – predictions aren’t clear, but it may still be a while before Salmon Ridge gets skiable snow. Parking at White Salmon is problematic. If you can go during the week, you should do so. Also consider going to the ski lodge parking lot and going down the Ridge Road (see the page under White Salmon trails) – Pete

2020-12-30: For all of you who have been signing up to get grooming updates – the reason you haven’t gotten any is that there hasn’t been any grooming.  If you watch the weather (the Salmon Ridge 7-day Forecast linked near the top of this page is where I go for info) it’s RAIN! There should be snow at White Salmon, but not at the lower trails! Maybe next week… – Pete

2020-12-26: That picture I posted with 5″ of snow on Razor Hone?  Not any more! I was up at the main snopark (Salmon Ridge, where the Razor Hone trail starts) milepost 46.9, today. It was raining and the very little snow that was there was very wet. But I believe that White Salmon, up at milepost 51.5 was quite nice (although it has not yet been groomed). But on a positive note, our thanks to Rich Ternan and his son Cody for cutting out the two *very* large trees across Anderson and at the Silver Fir Campground. – Pete

Looking at weather predictions, I’d guess that it’s going to stay like that for several more days.

5″ of snow on Razor Hone. Watch for rocks!


More snow at White Salmon!

2020-12-23: No grooming to report. But there is some snow at Salmon Ridge, the gate is closed, and people have been skiing. Razor Hone has something like 4-5″ (maybe a little more) of snow. The picture to the left looks great! – but it’s pretty thin cover!  We went out (just walking with boots) a short distance to clear a log on a side trail. A few people had tried skiing. It was possible, but you would hit rocks on a fairly regular basis. We then walked back by way of the River Trail.  A beautiful trail (snow stuck on all the trees) but no snow on the ground under the trees. The highway was in excellent condition and likely to remain so through tomorrow (although you should always be prepared for ‘winter driving conditions’ and trust your own judgement.) There is clearly lots of snow higher up.

The predictions call for clear weather tomorrow, then mixed rain and snow for the next couple of days. – Pete

2020-12-18: It is what it is…  First off, there is NO grooming. We went up to Salmon Ridge to do some odds and ends (we raised the gate at Anderson to clear the expected snowfall, cleared a few ‘new’ small trees from the Cougar Loop…)  There is NO snow on the lower trails (Razor Hone, Anderson, Jerry Bourn. A few patches of old wet snow on Cougar.) We did not go up the mountain, but there is lots of snow at White Salmon and Heather Meadows, although looking at the cars coming back down, the snow seems pretty wet. But think positive – the next storm could give us a foot of snow! (or not…) – Pete

2020-12-11: We went up to look around on Wednesday (Dec 9). It was snowing at White Salmon and the top of Ridge Road.  No snow down low at Razor Hone and Anderson. Since Wednesday, there have been a few flurries down low, but not anywhere near enough for skiing or grooming. So nothing much has changed. – Pete

Heather Meadows 12/4/20

2020-12-04: Not really grooming news. There is no snow at Anderson or Razor Hone and no grooming. White Salmon has plenty of snow, but sort of crusty (and no grooming). But we did go up to Heather Meadows today with beautiful conditions. Lots of user-created trails, but also lots of untracked snow – you sink into about 3″ of fluff. Perfect for Hoks. If you are nervous about the big steep slopes, don’t go very far! Just put your skis on and leave the parking lot! And if it looks too steep to go back down, take your skis off and walk. It’s beautiful! See pages on White Salmon and Heather Meadows for more information. – Pete 

2020-11-23: Stopped in to check the gate and the snow at Anderson today.  You just never know what you’ll see around the bend… Pictures were taken 100 yards past the gate. Thanks to the NNSC for their work at keeping the trails skiable…







2020-11-19: On snow report! About 10-12 inches new. Heavy enough though that my Touring skis stayed 2-3 inches from the top while breaking trail. Did get a bit sticky/dense in the afternoon. Saw 3 others and track is pretty good now. – Rick

White Salmon

2020-11-14: And so it begins!! Thanks Mary Beth for sending on this picture of White Salmon today.  The weather predictions suggest that the snow will continue to fall up there this next week.  Conditions (user created tracks) should be good.  Not so good down the hill at Salmon Ridge with more rain than snow.  Be safe and have fun!

Conditions at other ski areas: