Using snowshoes and skis on the same trip

So there are skiers and there are snowshoers and they go their separate ways, right?

Wrong! What if you want to go down (or up) this really cool trail that winds around through the woods, up and down, in and out, under and over… but it starts a couple of miles out a nicely groomed ski trail? Ski out to it, carrying your snowshoes, and switch when you get there. Either stash your skis in the snowbank for when you get back or carry them with you for when you get to the other end.

Trails that make me think to write up this page:

  • Huckleberry – ski out to lower end, snowshoe up to the Bagley Cr. Bridge, then have a fast ski back down the Cougar Loop and back to your car. (Plus, it’s a good introduction to what the Connector Trail is like.)
  • Salamander Connector Trail – 2 miles downhill (White Salmon) to the start, 4 miles through the woods, then 3 miles out the Cougar Loop / Razor Hone to your car!

Hints: tie your skis on either side of your pack, then fasten the tips together above the pack. Some packs even have ski-slots under the side pockets to slip your skis into.

I’m experimenting with ski bindings on my snowshoes to make the transition easier. See separate page for what I’m learning about it.