Salmon Ridge FAQs

In the interest of nobody having to take notes during our meetings, here are a few comments and links to some of the questions that we hope to answer at our general membership meeting (1/11/2022):

We’ll try to update this page as conditions change, but the current discussion is aimed at the time period of January, 2022.

  • What’s the status of our snopark? It’s a long story… We thought we were the best prepared ever, back at the end of November! Then we got some great early season snow! Then the trees started falling down…
  • Where should you go for skate skiing? Any of the groomed trails. Currently, that means out to the end of the grooming on Razor Hone and up Near Cougar, maybe as far as the bridge. It’s possible that White Salmon will be groomed later in the year. If so, it’s a great ski! In the spring, conditions are sometimes good on White Salmon for ‘crust skiing’ – the snow melts during the day, freezes at night, then you ski on the crust in the morning. It’s a long haul back up from the far end of the SE extension. If they groom it, Silver Fir Campground is a great place for beginning skate skiing, as well as the loop of the first part of Razor Hone, then Mom’s and the new Gerbil Loop.
  • Where should you go for views of Mt. Shuksan?
    • White Salmon: there are view along the level part before going down the hill. Exceptional views from The Knob and the viewpoint at the end of the SE Extension. The Ridge Road Trail also has excellent views.
    • There is also a modest view along Razor Hone.
  • When can you expect grooming? We do not find out about the schedule of grooming until it happens. The groomer also is responsible for two motorized snoparks. The pattern seems to be once towards the beginning of the week. The state snopark budget (which we do not control) may have enough money for twice-a-week grooming. We might see that later in the season. Grooming will stop at the end of March.
  • Are there classical tracks set on the trails? We always hope for classical tracks to be set, although there are several reasons that sometimes they aren’t. If the snow is too shallow, the ‘cutter’ for the tracks can dig down into the gravel and pull up rocks and spread them on the trail. If the snow is too icy, the cutter can’t form the tracks. On steep hills and sharp corners, it’s inappropriate to have tracks.
  • Where should you bring your kids?
    • Silver Fir Campground – sometimes this is groomed. It’s flat, makes a loop (well, sort-of), goes through groves of big trees and has places to see the river and maybe get out on a gravel bar next to the river (use your own judgement as to safety on this). You can park next to the highway on the same side as the campground, but you still need a snopark pass.
    • Mom’s / Gerbil Loop – see Adventure answers
    • River Trail – see Adventure answers
  • Are the downed trees gone? No. But they should be kept clear of the trails listed as ‘groomed’. If you come on a tree blocking a groomed trail, please contact Pete. We will try to get out and remove it promptly. Otherwise, we’re working our way around the potentially groomed trails as we can.
  • What passes do I need, what about parking?
    • Hannegan Pass Road trailhead (MP 46.7, before the bridge) – this is a Forest Service trailhead and you need a federal pass.
    • Salmon Ridge / Silver Fir (MP 46.9) – the main snopark. Requires a state snopark pass. It does not require the ‘super-duper special pass’. There currently is space for about 50 cars. Any time but a nice weekend day shouldn’t be a problem.
    • White Salmon (MP 51.5) – no pass needed, but parking is very limited.
  • Where can you go for an ‘Adventure’?
    • River Trail / Mom’s- this is my favorite ‘reasonable’ adventure. Go out the River Trail, leaving at the corner of the parking lot. Wind in and out through the trees and down along the river. At any branch in the trail, staying to the left will take you on, going to the right will (maybe) take you back to Razor Hone (the main drag) and a quick trip back to the parking lot. At the end of the River Trail, cross Razor Hone, follow the short little cut-off over to Mom’s (there is a sign), turn right and you have a pleasant trip through the woods, more or less directly back to the parking lot.
    • Jerry Bourn – Something different! A nice out-and-back trail that winds around a little lake with mountain views out over the lake when you get to the far side. Could be quite short.
    • Anderson – the old Forest Service road goes 2 miles out (fairly level) and then 2 miles up the hillside. Be prepared for dodging downed trees. Later this year we should do an expedition to make sure there is a path through the trees!
    • Huckleberry – a great expedition to mix skiing out to the trailhead and snowshoeing up the trail and a fast ski back to the cars!
    • Ridge Road – Park at the downill ski lot, have 100 fee of walking down a steep bank, then a very pleasant ski with great views.
    • White Salmon – Forest Service road with lots of snow and good views at the end. First part is level,
    • Salamander Connector – a great adventure! But make sure you are prepared for it.
    • Heather Meadows – a great place to get above it all! (almost…)

Trails at the Salmon Ridge SnoPark. Click on the map to go to page with descriptions.