Salmon Ridge Grooming Updates

This page describes ways that you can have updates sent to you by email. If you would just like to read the most recent postings on conditions, click on the

Grooming and Conditions page. <– hyperlink to the page

Everything that is emailed out is always posted there first.

But if you would like to receive an email notice most every time that grooming occurs (usually in the early evening of the day of grooming), continue reading. While this may sound complicated, it’s not that bad. Please read through this and ask questions if it doesn’t make sense.

The Nooksack Nordic Ski Club maintains a page with ski condition reports at our Salmon Ridge Snopark (as well as occasional other local comments). Given the inconsistent nature of our snowpack, the scheduling of these reports vary. Some skiers appreciate having reports of new grooming ‘pushed’ out to their email so that they are immediately alerted if something is happening.

We have been using our ISP to do this with an announcement list, but some people have had trouble receiving them, presumably because they have been treated as spam and possibly blocked. Google email addresses seem to have problems in particular. If you see a new post on the grooming page, but do not receive an email with the same information, email Pete (see below) and tell him about it.

Reports will be sent out with two methods, giving you two options to sign up:

  1. Have your email added to the announcement list. Send an email to Pete Tryon at to request this. (And if you want off the list, send me an email…) If you have a gmail account, I would recommend using option 2. below.
  2. If that does not seem to be working and/or you have a google account, join the groomingSalmonRidge google group. Once joined, email announcements will come to the email that you have registered with the group. To join, follow this link:!forum/groomingsalmonridge . It will say that you do not have permissions to view the page and that you need to ‘ask to join the group’. Click on the link and ask to join! You will need to be logged into (or create) a google account.