Glacier Creek Snowmachine SnoPark

Just a few comments from skiing a few minutes up this trail on 3/10/17.  I’ll build up this page later.

First off, this is a *snowmachine* snopark.  There are trucks, trailers, 50 mph snowmachines, etc.  Skiers are in ‘their world’, not the ski world.  Having said that, I’d guess that it is way too busy on weekends for skiers to show up at all.  But at noon on a sloppy Friday, I saw one truck with two snowmachines.

The road is plowed and easy driving for one mile, where there is a place to turn around and park – and start skiing.  (don’t block the turnaround and leave plenty of space for the big trucks and trailers!)

It is groomed, then snowmachines churn it up.  But a strong skate skier would get quite the workout going up the hill.  (think training for the Ski-to-Sea.) (I struggled, stopping frequently and herringboning some of it.)  It’s not very smooth, but I’ve skied on worse. You should not go here unless you are comfortable enough on your skis to watch out for snowmachines and get off the trail quickly when they come by.  You should be able to snowplow down hills in variable conditions.

I’m guessing that it’s going to be torn up quite a bit this weekend – then until there is more snow, it’s not worth looking at.  But if it does snow again, if you can ski mid-week, it might be nice. – Pete