Connect with other club members

Among other things, the NNSC serves as a way for those interested in Nordic skiing in Whatcom County to find others with similar interests, to make connections, and maybe go off on a ski together! Is the sun out? Do the grooming reports suggest good snow? (here or in Canada…) Touch base with a fellow skier, load up, and go!

When you sign up as a club member, unless you ask for it not to happen, you will be added to the email group, This is mostly used for board members (eg. the president) to send out messages go the entire club.  But as a member, you too, have permission to use this address.  Want to invite others for a ski, send out a message. (At the moment, it isn’t used much in this way. If it ends up getting over-used, we’ll go to plan B.)

As a club member, you also have the option to be listed on the NNSC Shared Interest Membership Directory. This is a list of members names, areas of interest (groomed trails, back-country skiing, skate-skiing, etc.), scheduling preferences, and contact info (email and/or telephone number). You only include what you want shown. To see what is asked, check out a copy of the form. To complete it online, click on this link. Only members who are listed will receive copies of the form.

Questions? Comments? contact the web editor (currently Pete Tryon) at or the club president at