Ski bindings on snowshoes

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Brand new! – well at least for me. I put some NNN-BC bindings on my snowshoes and can just step-in. And out. The picture is just my experimental prototype, using what I had in the garage. I’m hoping to try it with better materials and maybe on another pair of snowshoes soon.

But I did use them on the Connector Trail and they worked well. I now have a vision of smaller, lightweight snowshoes (and no 3/4 inch plywood) and skate ski boots. And skiing down White Salmon with my skate skis, then carrying those light skis on my pack!

The trick is: leave the little rubber bumper at the toe of the ski boot off the binding. That leaves the boot to pivot freely on the binding, making it appropriate to fasten the binding with a rigid attachment to the snowshoe. Want to talk about this? Contact Pete Tryon.