Jerry Bourn Trail

Want to try a scenic backcountry ski / snowshoe trail that isn’t too long and isn’t too far? Check out the Jerry Bourn Trail. It starts a very short distance (250 yards) out the Hannegan Pass Road. Park at the turnoff for the Hannegan Pass Road (where you need a USFS pass) or at the Salmon Ridge SnoPark and walk (carefully) across the bridge. The start of the trail is just past the very obvious rock cliff on the left side of the Hannegan Pass Road. You can’t miss it! 🙂

When you come out on an old Forest Service road, you can turn around and go back the way you came or go on to explore the Twin Lakes Road, go down to the highway department and walk back (carefully) on the highway,. It’s 0.4 miles to where it comes out on the FS road; 1.0 miles to make the loop coming back on the main highway.

So who was Jerry Bourn? I don’t know much, but he has been called ‘the last of the old-time mountain men.’ He lived in a cabin near the beginning of the trail until he passed away in 1980. Pictures and description of the cabin can be found at Evidently the cabin was burned down some time after the year 2000.