2022 Do It Yourself Work Party

Our schedule doesn’t work for you? Feel free to come out to the trails on your schedule and move some wood. The gate is open and it is permissible to drive to the far end of Razor Hone and to the top of Near Cougar. No permits are needed for parking.

The current, overwhelming issue is that we had lots of medium-sized (12″ or less in diameter) trees that fell down across the Razor Hone road (and Cougar Loop) last winter. We did triage as the snow and trees fell – cutting a path just wide enough for the groomer to get through, but leaving the wood just clear of the path. Now we need to ‘finish the job’.

The general model of the trails that are groomed is the ‘road’ – gravel ruts down the middle, with ‘shoulders’ that are mown (by commercial, contracted, tractors) every few years down each side. Wood (branches and trunks) should be thrown into the forest on the downhill side of the trail. And if something is too big for you to comfortably move, just leave it! We’ll get it later (and maybe cut it into smaller pieces). We will be out with chainsaws cutting the downed trees into manageable pieces back to the edge of the ‘forest’. (Let us know if you want to be part of the chainsaw crew – that shouldn’t be done except as part of an ‘official’ work party.)

And when you get back to town, it would be great if you could record the hours that you worked on our volunteer hours page. The hours count as part of the volunteer contribution for the grants that we write for grooming and trail maintenance moneys.

Questions? Contact Pete at ski@tryonhayes.com

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The trunks will be cut up