Volunteer Page

Did you put in some work on the trails? Count how many vehicles were in the parking lots? This information is valuable to the club and is used when applying for grants for funding to maintain, groom and improve the trails. [If you are the work-party coordinator and have information for a number of people to enter, check with your local web person to get direct access to the Excel spreadsheet.]

For either Condition Reports or Vehicle Counts, feel free to just email your local web person (Pete Tryon) directly at ski@tryonhayes.com .  But if you’d rather type into boxes, click on a link below:

  • Volunteer Hours – time spent working on trails and travel.
  • Vehicle Counts – a report on how many vehicles you saw at various trailheads
  • Grooming/Snow Condition Report – so what was the skiing / snowshoeing like? (Reports are usually posted the same evening as they are received.  And our information is only as current as what we get!
  • Grant-writing hours – time spent writing and presenting grants

We will be following our Forest Service approved, protocols and require a special volunteer waiver at each of our work parties until further notice.

Thanks for helping us keep track of what is going on!


Placing the SaniCan base.  The SaniCan base is stored at the Glacier ranger station during the summer and needs to be placed in the Razor Hone parking lot just before the SaniCans are brought out.  The wood frame is approximately 4’x8′ and is quite heavy.  If using a wagon to move it, two ‘active’ people can load it in a truck, but to move it around comfortably takes 4 people.  See pictures for placement.

SaniCanII    SaniCanI

Work Parties. Every fall members of the club do a variety of maintenance tasks on the club trails, primarily brushing and drainage work. See the Work Party page for more details. Check https://www.fs.usda.gov/news/mbs/news-events for the USFS fire danger for the district.