Ski Lineup

Different types of Cross-Country Skis  – or

Everything Pete knows about buying skis

When people are first introduced to cross-country skiing, they are often shown (or rented) a generic pair of skis - very likely an excellent ski, carefully selected to be reasonably good for any use on snow. But there is so much more to cross-country skiing than that! This presentation is designed to give you an introduction to the different types of skis and why you might be interested in one over another.

The idea is that you follow the 'Next' buttons or answer the questions when posed. But clicking the 'Table of Contents' button will show you all the pages - there aren't that many. Clicking the big link at the top of the Table of Contents will bring you back to this page. You might also remember your browser's 'Back' arrow. Questions? Check with Pete :) He does not claim to be the ultimate authority, but he has been cross-country skiing for 60+ years... (Some would say that that makes his opinions rather 'dated'.)


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