They’re predicting snow! (up high…)

I heard that there was a chance of snow high in the mountains!  It’s time to start thinking positive thoughts!  It’s going to be a great ski year!

The NNSC website is awake and ready for this year’s ski season.  Please look around for information on the first general meeting (Thursday, Oct. 1) and the first outdoor events, our yearly trail work parties. (Sept 19, 26 & Oct 17).  Further information will be posted as it becomes available.


The New Lake Whatcom Park

It’s been a pretty sad year for skiing at Razor Hone – (although your correspondent did just return from a great 4 days of skiing at Methow.  Conditions were great – the groomers were doing a fantastic job, but the weather was warm and unless they get some more snow, you better get over there pretty soon to enjoy the skiing.)

But, back to the Lake Whatcom Park.  This is a major addition to our local outdoor possibilities.  Come to our March 5th meeting to hear about it from county personnel who are working to make it a reality.  This is a great opportunity to hear what is happening as it happens, and maybe even add some input of yours!  See details on our meeting page.


Not so nice…

I just looked at the headline that was showing on this page (“It’s started! Trails are groomed!”) and then I looked at the weather forecast, and I felt a little guilty.  The last I was there ( Jan 20), there was skiing, but marginal.  The current forecast is for heavy rain and then sunny, with temperatures reaching 50.  Not so nice for cross-country skiing.  Hoping to report better conditions as some point.


It’s started! Trails are groomed!

Razor Hone, Anderson, and White Salmon have been groomed.  Our groomer did a great job with some pretty marginal materials to work with.  Check out the Grooming page under Trails/Reports for details.


Skate skiing at White Salmon

A nice little ski up at White Salmon – see a report on the grooming page. (But don’t get too excited – no grooming has been done yet.)  Don’t forget the membership meeting tomorrow (Jan 8) where we’ll learn about avalanche safety.  And if you are new around here, you can read some notes on the 4 pictures above by looking at the bottom of the main Trails/Reports page.