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This page is for making a PayPal payment only, after filling out the membership form with all of the necessary information (and liability release) online.  If you have not submitted this information, please return to the Membership Page and select the Online Membership Form.

Online Payment (PayPal):

In the process of paying through PayPal, you will put in your name for the credit card and an email address.  If those match the information that you submitted while filling out your membership form, you need do nothing more.  But if the membership person won't be able to figure out who the money should be credited to, please send an email to explaining that. There is also a place in the PayPal checkout page where you can enter a message.

Note: The 'Continue Shopping' button takes you back to the main NNSC page. From there, if you go back through the Membership link, you can actually continue shopping.  Much better is:
    To Continue Shopping, close the tab that shows your current Shopping Cart. You will then see the page with selections and you can add another.
    I'm embarrassed that I haven't figured out how to fix this yet. Sorry. Pete

Membership Level
Add a SnoPark pass?
$52 (it's only $50 if you get it in person at one of our meetings.)

(The SnoPark pass is specific for one vehicle only. Please enter your license plate number in the space provided.)

Vehicle License Plate (req'd.)
Care to make an additional donation?  
(We're now a 501(c)3 organization!)
Optional Donation

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Page updated: 10/4/2021