Leavenworth / Wenatchee area, WA

This page was created in Dec. 2021 for our club's general membership meeting, but we are leaving it up for general information. You are invited to join our meeting:  (Zoom) meeting on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. Hope to see you then!


I've never skied in the Wenatchee area, but it's on my list! Historically, it's been a popular trip for NNSC members.

The Wenatchee River bisects Lake Wenatchee State Park, thus creating the South Park and North park. The South Park has 18.6 miles and the North Park has 3.1 miles of groomed trails. Skate skiing is available in the North Park. South Park also offers tubing and a snow play area. There are 4.9 miles of snow shoeing trails. Another location is Nason Ridge that offers tracks and a skate lane. Additionally the trail leads to back country skiing for the more adventuresome. Total trail length is 17.9 miles of which 12 miles are groomed. Nearby is Chiwawa with the See and Ski trail groomed for track and skate skiing for 4 miles. Flying loop and Squirrel Run are 2.9 and 2.5 miles, respectively.
A Sno Park Permit is required and also a Special Groomed Trails Permit sticker.