Lake Wenatchee



This area offers six different skiing locations within 16 miles of where we are staying.
The Wenatchee River bisects Lake Wenatchee State Park, thus creating the South Park and North park. The South Park has 18.6 miles and the North Park has 3.1 miles of groomed trails. Skate skiing is available in the North Park. South Park also offers tubing and a snow play area. There are 4.9 miles of snow shoeing trails. Nearby is Chiwawa with the See and Ski trail groomed for track and skate skiing for 4 miles. Flying loop and Squirrel Run are 2.9 and 2.5 miles, respectively. Nason Ridge is now open to XC skiing thanks to Weyerhaeuser, who purchased the land last year. Lower and Upper Nason Ridge offers approximately 4 miles and 8 miles of groomed trails, respectively. There is also backcountry trails in the area.

A Sno Park Permit and a Special Groomed Trails Permit sticker are required. Drivers are responsible for the Sno Park Permit. Riders will share the cost of the Special Permit. The Special Permit will stay with the driver after the trip is completed.

Welcome (or willkommen) to the River Vista Haus! We invite you to escape to our private riverfront retreat, situated on the incredibly beautiful Wenatchee River, you will enjoy the serenity and bliss of a home-away-from-home vacation. Relax in the warm, cozy comforts of our home while enjoying amazing wildlife, and riverfront views with sounds of rushing water from almost every room. This listing has been available for rent since 2010 and has a 4.9 Star rating.

Meals will be planned and members will share the cost of the food. There will be three dinners and three breakfasts. Bring your own food for lunch.

Alcohol is not included in the food costs.

Cost is $175 USD per person for lodging. Make checks payable to NNSC for $175. Mail to 1363 W Lakeside Dr Apt B, Moses Lake, WA 98837.

Coordinator Lynn Alderson at 509-885-6342 or