No Parking on Mt. Baker Highway

We’ve just gotten two notices from the Forest Service / WSDOT about inappropriate parking on the Mt. Baker Highway at the White Salmon trailhead and further up the highway around Heather Meadows. [See the White Salmon page for parking suggestions.] [See the Alternatives page for other suggestions if you can’t find parking]

Statement #1:

“Due to increased use and public safety concerns, the Washington State Department of Transportation will be implementing strict parking policies near the end of Mt. Baker Highway (State Route 542). All parking in pullouts along the Mt. Baker Highway between the Salmon Ridge Sno-Park at mile 46 and Picture Lake at mile 55 is prohibited. Pullouts are reserved for emergency services and installing chains. Visitors using White Salmon Road #3075 need to pull completely into the parking area, off the shoulder of the Highway, and park in a manner that maximizes parking for other users. Roadside parking around the Picture Lake loop and by the upper Mt. Baker Ski Area Lodge is prohibited from 7pm to 7am. The Washington State Patrol may ticket and/or tow vehicles parked over the fog line, in pullouts not designated for long term parking, and vehicles parked during nighttime hours. Unfortunately there is not always enough parking to meet the demand for access to this special place in our National Forest so we would encourage people to visit on a weekday and always have a backup plan in case there is no parking available.” 

Statement #2. This is Copy/Pasted from their news release:


No Parking SR 542Enjoy the snow, but please don’t block the road Winter driving is already a challenge, but add in cars parked along the highway and even blocking lanes really makes for hazardous conditions. Check out these pictures from SR 542 where you can see cars parked in “No Parking” zones, not safely parked outside the lanes of moving traffic. Cars parked like this create safety concerns, prevent our snow plows from getting through or turning around and limits access for emergency vehicles.
don't park 542

If you plan to head out for winter recreation along the highway, keep these things in mind:

  • Shoulders are for short term emergency parking
  • There are large pull outs designated for taking a break or snapping photos
  • Chain up areas are not meant for parking
  • No parking within chain up areas are used for storing snow
  • Cars cannot park along the SR 542 loop from 7 p.m. – 7 a.m.
  • No overnight parking is allowed along the highway 

To learn more about keeping travelers safe, check out our latest blog.