Email List Server

All members of NNSC may join the NNSC Email List Server.

The primary purpose of this Email List Server is to facilitate the organization of last minute day trips and carpooling to our home trails near Mt. Baker and other local destinations such as Cypress Mountain, Stevens Pass, Manning Park, etc..

With the highly variable weather and snow conditions in the Pacific Northwest, it is often a last minute decision to go skiing in a few days. So, if you are going out and wish to invite others to join you for company and companionship or just carpooling, you can send an email to Also the list may be used to ask questions and for other discussions on the general subject of XC skiing.

Membership in the list is voluntary and restricted to NNSC members so you will receive no SPAM. You may easily unsubscribe from the list at any time. All email addresses are kept private. All replies to messages are only sent to the person who sent the original message and not to the entire group unless you “Reply All“.

If you are a new member of NNSC, watch for an invitation to join the list in your email. You may join this list at any time later by sending an email to the list moderator, Don Hicks,

Members Announcement List

All members are also automatically included in an announcement list for emails of general interest to club members.  This list uses the email address provided to the club on the membership form. If you would like to unsubscribe from the list, contact the web editor (currently Pete Tryon) at or the club president at